Sylvia Boddener Senior Director Programs & Quality, Melanie was a client of Michael’s



I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Michael. Michael has provided our organization with his project management / IT expertise for many important system and software projects over a number of years now. Michael is reliable, very organized and an excellent communicator using a professional yet authentic approach, quickly gaining trust. He adds value through agile approaches, by thinking critically and collaborating and communicating effectively with various stakeholders both internally and externally at all levels. He has effectively lead teams to articulate information system requirements, solve complex workflow and information system problems and plan for successful system design/architecture and implementations. Michael has unique ability to assist leaders and frontline staff equally who do not have information systems expertise quickly gain understanding and to make meaningful decisions. This has been extremely helpful to myself and many others across our teams!

Melanie Wolicki Operations Manager at Arthur Health, Melanie was a client of Michael’s



I write this with sincere appreciation for having had the opportunity to work with Michael in a few different capacities over the years. He’s made my job easier each time. First, as a Project Manager at University Health Network (UHN), Michael helped support my team implement a patient-outcomes platform for the Comprehensive Pain Program at Toronto Rehab. Currently, Michael is supporting Arthur Health Corporation (“Arthur Health”) launch a new case management system at a large health-care organization.

Here’s why Michael rocks: Both projects had/have significant change management challenges, in addition to requiring user mastery of the technological components, to move them forward. Michael is obviously academically qualified to support this activity; what he lends of unique value is his ability to take fairly complicated technical concepts and processes and break them down into digestible nuggets for a wide spectrum of users. He is knowledgeable, patient, organized, and user-focused, and my experience is that this combination is a rarity in the IT Consultant/Project Management/Support space.
Suffice it to state that I would unequivocally recommend Michael for any position in this regard.

image5Tiffany English (Terrier) Director, Products at NexJ Health, Tiffany managed Michael directly


At NexJ Health, Michael successfully lead projects ranging from pilots and research trials to multi-year commercial contracts. He approached each project uniquely with professionalism, attention to detail and a focus on driving success. Michael readily embraced every challenge that came his way and he did so always with a positive attitude. His ability to dive into the details, no matter how technical, to solve these challenges while keeping his eye on the big picture was invaluable. It was a pleasure working with Michael and I do hope that our paths cross again.

image14Walter Osmond, Senior Developer at TD Bank, Walter reported directly to Michael



I worked with Micheal at University Health Network as the Software Architect for two of his projects: DADOS (a survey data capture engine) and Altum CMS (an enterprise referral/client/hospital management system) It's few times in the industry I have worked with an individual so adept at digging into the technical challenges and being able to communicate those challenges to parties at all levels of an organization. As a small team it would have been impossible to accomplish all that we did without his daily attention to detail and contributions to our team.

No matter if the issues we faced were technical, political or personal Micheal always provided the calm voice of goal oriented reasoned intelligence to keep us on track. A master of his own temperament and facilitating compromise when issues arose Michael served as an amazing liaison between our technical team and the business interests of the organization. No matter the pressure he's always carries himself with the same positive forward thinking demeanor.

Anyone hiring him in any capacity will be very pleased to see an increase in productivity and happiness of any employees having the pleasure of working with such a capable and uniquely talented co-worker.

Rob Annan,Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications at Genome Canada, Rob managed Michael directly


Michael is a conscientious, detail-oriented manager who delivers projects with results and on time. His personable nature makes him well-liked and easy to work with, and his ability to communicate helps him find common ground with co-workers across the organization. His interest in professional development and new opportunities makes Michael an exceptional employee and colleague and I recommend him without reservation.

Lara O'Donnell, Senior Director, Research at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Lara reported directly to Michael


Michael is an exceptional manager and colleague, and someone whom I truly hope to work with again. While reporting to Michael at Mitacs, I was constantly encouraged, given opportunity to grow and develop professionally and supported in all my endeavours. Michael is extremely skilled at providing mentorship and guidance without inhibiting one's ability to be creative or handle issues and challenges independently. He is very approachable and professional as a manager and very adept at building a strong team environment. He treated the entire Science and Technology team at Mitacs fairly and supported each of us in all of our projects. I also admire his ability to handle stressful situations very strategically and with great composure. He is tactful, well calculated in his decisions and a true leader. Michael is an asset to any organization and when the time comes for him to leave a position, his contributions and presence are greatly missed. As mentioned before, I will welcome any opportunity to work with Michael again.

Claudia Krywiak, Vice President, Corporate Planning and Development at Ontario Centres of Excellence, Claudia was senior to Michael but didn't manage directly


Michael has an amazing capacity to lead and manage complex industry-academic collaborations. His is adept at building strategic partnerships between stakeholders, understanding their vision for future growth and exploring new opportunities.

David M. Kideckel, PhD, MBA, Director, Institutional Equity Research Analyst - Healthcare & Biotechnology, David M. worked with Michael in different groups


It is my privilege to write this recommendation in support of Michael Lynch. I worked with Michael while he was Director of Science & Technology at Mitacs Inc. Michael's sound operational effectiveness coupled with his solid business insight enabled the team to reach new heights. Michael also demonstrated wonderful leadership skills along with a great balance of sense of urgency. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Michael again in the future.

Adrian Barbu, Associate Professor at Florida State University, Michael worked with Adrian in the same group


Michael is a strong researcher, with great analytic and programming skills, very focused, hard working and creative. On top of everything, he has a good personality making him very easy to work with. I strongly recommend Michael!

Joel Simard, Director, Public Affairs at CF Industries, Joel worked with Michael in different groups


I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Michael at Mitacs. As I was new to the R&D field, I appreciated and benefited from Michael's ability to communicate with me complex research topics in a way that was understandable. Michael was keenly aware of the intersection between public policy and the research projects and processes he and his team were leading; this was a very unique and valuable skill to have in our field. His ability to understand and manage stakeholders, such as researchers, university administrators, and government officials, was extremely helpful to Mitacs' Public Affairs team and our work in securing funding from various levels of government. In my time working with Michael I also witnessed his strong ability to manage staff and lead and inspire teams. These skills made him truly stand out at Mitacs.

Ender Konukoglu, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Image Computing at ETH Zurich, Ender worked with Michael but at different companies


We have worked together in a fairly large European research project with Michael.

I think of Michael as a very acute mind both in business and in personal relationships. His knowledge on scientific basics and engineering principles are excellent. In addition to these skills, Michael is a great communicator and able to easily build personal relationships. In summary, Michael is a great person to work with. 

Nilima Nigam, Professor at Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada, Nilima was senior to Michael but didn't manage directly


Michael had a challenging portfolio while we worked together at MITACS, which required him to work with scientists and mathematicians in developing research initiatives and activities, whilst simultaneously helping MITACS meet its goals. His training in science and engineering, along with his extensive experience working in R&D settings, were invaluable. He is very talented at negotiating the (extremely) different cultures between industry and academia, and is someone who inspires trust in both. I regard it as a privilege to have worked with him.

Kevin Zhou, RD Principal Key Expert, Computer Vision, Machine & Deep Learning, AI for Healthcare, Face Recognition, S. Kevin was senior to Michael but didn't manage directly


Michael was a research scientist with strong expertise of computer vision and machine learning and made significant contributions to several challenging medical image analysis problems.

Richard McClatchey, Research Centre Director at Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems, UWE, Richard worked with Michael but at different companies


Michael is a great collaborator in IT projects ! He has extensive computer science experience and expertise in medical informatics, artificial intelligence and data management. He is a great partner and dependable colleague who is always forward with his assistance and helpful with advice. I hold him in then highest regard and recommend him as a co-worker.

Ovidiu Ghita, Ovidiu was Michael's mentor



I had the pleasure to co-supervise Dr Michael Lynch during his PhD research which focused on the development of image processing algorithms for left ventricle segmentation in 4D MRI cardiac data.Throughout his PhD research, I was extremely pleased with his performance and I found him highly motivated and enthusiastic to be involved in such a challenging work. Dr. Lynch fully demonstrated his research potential by advancing new ideas and furthermore he has shown excellent abilities in translating theoretical concepts to practical applications. In addition to his excellent programming and technical knowledge, Michael has a friendly personality and I am pleased to mention the strong collaborative links that have been maintained beyond the time he finished his PhD research. In conclusion, I unreservedly endorse Dr. Lynch’s past and current work and I take this opportunity to wish him all the best and a very successful career.

Raymond Spiteri, Professor of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan / collaborator at Canadian Light Source Inc., Michael worked with Raymond in the same group

Michael is a conscientious person, with a high sense of professionalism and integrity, and an excellent team player. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Fahima Nekka, NSERC-Industrial Chair in Pharmacometrics- Novartis, Pfizer, inVentiv Health Clinical, October 29, 2012, Michael worked with Fahima in the same group

Michael is a very reliable and professional person. He is a hard worker and an efficient element to have in a team. He, without doubt, has great integrity and is a nice person to work with.